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Snow Smart Assignments by Grade/Day(Archived)
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Reading Recovery Snow Smart Lesson Plans Days 1, 2, and 3
Due Date: 12/1/2018

Reading Recovery Snow Smart Days 1, 2, and 3:


1.    Help your child to read the book in the book bag aloud.

2.    Have your child choose 5 sentences in the notebook to read aloud. 

3.    Help your child to write a new sentence (at least 5 words) about the snow.  Parents, please help your child by stretching the words slowly to hear all of the sounds.  You may have to help with sounds/letters that they cannot hear. 

4.    After they write the sentence, remind them to check their writing by saying the following:  Did you begin your sentences with capital letters?  Do you have spaces between your words?  Do you have neat handwriting?  Did you include punctuation    (.   ?   !)  at the end the sentence?  

5.    **Return to school the following day.