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After School Childcare Services

From 2:25 PM - 6 PM

$40 per week

$25 first time Registration Fee

Jessica Clevesy - Director


 Attendance is VERY important. Please make sure your student is here ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!


Please don’t check in late. Our building opens at 6:45 AM. Breakfast begins at 6:55 AM. Morning Assembly is at 7:15 AM (it is very important that your child is here for this). Classroom instruction begins at 7:20 AM. A student is tardy after 7:20 AM. If a child is late, a parent must sign them in. Three unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence.


A student who is absent must bring a note signed by their parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence. This note shall be presented upon the student’s return within five days, or the absence will be unexcused.


There are seven valid reasons for excused absences authorized by the Board:

 1. Illness of pupil (part of 6 excused days)

 2. Death in family (part of 6 excused days)

 3. Appointment with health professional

 4. Driver’s Test

 5. 1 day attendance to Kentucky State Fair

 6. Court Order

 7. Other as determined by the Principal


Please don’t check out early, unless absolutely necessary. Our teachers are instructing from bell to bell. We want your student to have a successful year. Thanks for your support.


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Join us for Reading Night October 29th at 5:30 PM. See the Latest News for more details.  Sign up for Parent Portal during Reading Night and get an extra door prize ticket. All parents must be signed up by  2016. The Parent Portal will be used for Registration, to check grades, assignments, attendance, test scores, behavior, and Teacher comments. Let us help you get connected!
















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