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IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Staff e-mail instructions, please complete by Dec. 15
Posted On:
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Prior to Dec. 15th, CCPS Staff Members should do this:

1)      If you have any folders in your email that are named “Important” or “Archive”, these folders will have to be renamed or they will not transfer.

2)      If you have items in your “Deleted Items”, “Trash”, or “Clutter”, permanently DELETE these items. There is no need to transfer trash!


On Dec. 15, please do these things:

1)      You will have NO mail beginning at 9:00AM and throughout that weekend (December 16th, 17th)

a.       This means No mail on your Classlink, workstation, ipad, phones, or home devices.

2)      Please do not try to access your mail.

3)      Please shut down ALL computers before you leave on the Friday, December 15th.  (Please shutdown, don’t just log off)


Things to remember:

·         Once the mail migration is complete, expect to use the web version (on our website) of Gmail for a couple of days

·         Directions will be shared and sent for setting up Outlook on your workstations and phones once the migration is complete

·         Our department will try to make this transition as smooth as possible, but please know that there will be bumps in the road.


For questions, please contact the CCPS Technology Department: (270) 887-7012