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District Migrates to Google E-Mail System
Posted On:
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

CCPS will be moving to Gmail on DECEMBER 15th.


Here's some things you'll need to know and we've been assured of:

  • Email address will not change for students nor staff.


  • Access to Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc) will not change.  Those will continue to be programs we include on student/staff devices and that our tech staff will help support.  


  • Access to Google Suite products (docs, sheets, calendar, drive, presentations, etc) will be available as they are now, but easier to access/integrate with Gmail.  


  • All Mail (including mail folders you may have set up), All contacts, and All calendar data will be migrated from current system to Gmail.  This includes  staff mail.


  • All WINDOWS Outlook client users (not going to the web first to see email) can still use Outlook if you choose to do so.  All content will be Gmail but it can flow through the Outlook client.


  • All MAC Outlook client users will likely need to switch to the web to access email (we haven't found a way for Outlook and Mac to work together in the new system yet).


  • The Global Address List (GAL) will no longer be an option for all users in the state except certain administrators.  That feature allows us to easily look up other users in Kentucky.  That became too large a monster for anyone to manage. 


  • If you are a OneDrive user (storing files and data in Microsoft's cloud), you will need to migrate(copy/move) your data from OneDrive to Google Drive/File Stream/External Harddrive. Let us know if you need guidance or assistance.


  • Both Android and iPhone users will set up a  new mail profile once it's migrated.  Both phone platforms do this very easily with Gmail.


Our goal is to make this as seamless and easy on the end user as possible.  We know change is not easy, but we hope this change will be relatively painless in nature.



Tracy Pelletier,

District Technology Coordinator, CCPS