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snowSMART Assignments  

Please review the document below for activities/assignments for snowSMART days.

The assessments for the 3rd nine weeks are:

H&MW 1.1 I will state my birthday

ELA 3.1: I will answer who, what, where, when, and how questions.

ELA 3.2: I will identify the front and back of a book.

ELA 3.3 c I will name letters. (N, n, W, w, P, p, H, h, M, m, A, a, B, b, K, k, D, d, F, f, O, o, C, c, E, e, Y, y, G, g, T, t, S, s, R, r, Z, z)

ELA 3.4: I will match pictures that begin with the same sound

ELA 3.5: I will use pictures to tell story events

ELA 4.2 I will write my first name.

M 1.1b - I will count to 20

M 1.1e - I will count objects to 10

M 1.1g -I will tell which group has more, less, or equal.

M 1.1j I will match objects to numbers 0-5.

M 1.1k I will name numbers. (0 -5)

M 1.2b I will copy shapes. (Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and X)

M 1.3d I will copy and extend a pattern.

The assessments for the 4th nine weeks are:

H&MW 1.1: I will state my address.

ELA 3.2: I will tell which way to read text (left to right).

ELA 3.3: I will name letters of the alphabet. (N, n, W, w, P, p, H, h, M, m, A, a, B, b, K, k, D, d, F, f, O, o, C, c, E, e, Y, y, G, g, T, t, S, s, R, r, Z, z, I, i, V, v, L, l, U,   u, Q, q, J, j, X, x)

ELA 3.3: I will say my ABC's

ELA 3.4: I will name the letter that begins a word.

ELA 3.4: I will recognize rhyming words.

ELA 4.2: I will write my first and last name.

M 1.1b - I will count to 30.

M 1.1i I will add objects in two groups together.

M 1.1j I will match quantities to numbers 0-10.

M 1.1k1 I will name numbers 0-10.

M 1.1k2 I will copy numbers 0–5.

M 1.2c I will complete a jigsaw puzzle.

M 1.3e I will create a pattern.

Please choose 2 from Math and English/Language Arts to work on.

Choose any website activity: (Right click on ABC’s icon then right click on any letter icon); (Right click on students icon-Right click on Preschool/Kindergarten icon-Right click on one of the first four icons and complete); (Right click on Preschool & Kindergarten icon-right click on any icon and complete).

Parents of 3 year olds-Please assist with color recognition, counting, and fine motor (cutting, writing, coloring, and small object pick-up) and gross motor (hopping, jumping, galloping, skipping, and walking heel-to-toe) skills.

Please construct a letter collage with the letters for the month which will be on the monthly newsletter. Thank you for participating in your child’s education.

Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Missy