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SnoSmart Day Lesson Plans #1  

Go to the link below. Choose the correct operation to solve snow themed word problems. Record the equations for 15 problems on a sheet of paper, then solve for each equation. Create an original word problem, related to your favorite “snow day” activity, using multiplication or division to solve (check for correct grammar and punctuation!) Use RDW, solve your word problem.


*Grade = recording sheet and written word problem student created.

SnoSmart Day Lesson Plans #2  

Five minute fluency practice: play “Penguin Jump Multiplication” to review multiplication facts using the link below:



Lesson: Using an excel document (or graph paper), draw arrays to design your ideal winter cabin! You can make it as big as you like…it can have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a play room, movie room, etc. It is after all YOUR DREAM CABIN!!! 

After you have drawn or created your cabin, describe the size of the rooms/arrays with a multiplication equation. Example) If bedroom # 1 is 10 rows long and 6 columns wide you would record - Bedroom #1 - 10 x 6 = 60

*Grade = Drawing with multiplication equations.

SnoSmart Day Lesson Plans #3  

Login to MobyMax.com. Work for 10 minutes in Fact Fluency. Then, complete math lesson on multiplication as a group of objects.

*Grade = online lesson completion and fluency tracking.